Instructions for Keratin Hair Treatment Express Formula

Instructions for Keratin Hair Treatment Express Formula:
****Please read the notices at the bottom  

 Wash hair with clarifying shampoo; this will enable the opening of the cuticles. Rinse well and towel dry. Don’t use conditioner. Wash 2-3 times for better performance, any oils or conditioner left on the hair may affect the treatment performance and penetration

Blow-dry and brush your hair with medium heat until it is completely dry. You will notice its hard to comb and that is normal (it show you the clarifying shampoo was effective)

Comb and separate hair into 4 or more sections as you desire.

Start applying the treatment product, about 1(one) centimeter from the root and stop half way from the hair shaft, then use a fine comb spreading the product evenly to the tips or your hair verify that the hair is evenly saturated and to remove access product.
Note: It is extremely Important that the entire head is completely covered with the solution and that the solution is evenly distributed throughout the hair before proceeding to the next step. Comb through – using the fine toothed comb – a very little bit should push in front of comb. However the hair should not be over saturated. Excess solution should be combed out of the hair and removed.

Blows-dry the hair 100% using medium heat.

Leave solution on the hair for 20 minutes

Using a flat iron at 400-450°F (it’s about 200-232°C) to straighten the hair in combination with a Heat resistance comb. Starting at the nape, move the iron slowly from scalp to hair ends. Assuring the ends are smooth and straight. Go over the same section several times until there is almost no fumes (it may take 5-12 times depending on kind, condition of hair and part of head) sealing the keratin into the cuticle. Do not overdo since you can burn the hair use your senses it’s very simple.
AFTER CARE: Wait overnight and wash your hair with our Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. That’s it! Simply enjoy your healthy, shiny straight hair. People with very curly hair may not wash hair for 3 days, anyone who desires to stay with treatment for 3 days may do so, there is no harm

MAINTENANCE: Wash hair with: our moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to preserve your healthy and straight hair for longer period. You can use regular shampoo and conditioner after 2 weeks and from that point rotate between Sulfate free and regular.

*Please note there are few changes to the process, please read it through before proceeding with the treatment.
**Before you start: tools and accessories needed:  Cape, bowl, brush, blow drier, flat iron, large hair clips, 2-3 fine tooth combs (very important to spread the product you need different sizes to math to the hair thickness) Easy comb or heat resistance comb.
***Work in well ventilated area and avoid breathing the fumes.

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