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Inverto is the best secret ingredient in the successful Keratin Hair Treatments part-1

Any woman would want their hair to look good.  We make it a point to fix it well every time we go out – to school, to the office, to the mall or anywhere.  We even sport different kinds of haircut or hairstyles for every occasion that we need to attend.  However, not all women were gifted to have strong and beautiful hair.  Some have frizzy hair, wavy hair or straight hair.  Most of all, the texture also varies.  A few are blessed with thick hair while some have thin and limp hair.  Some have untamed hair – the type that is difficult to fix.  There is also the issue of easily damaged hair or hair that easily breaks.


Our hair is made up of protein and if we lack this essential nutrient in our body, it follows that our hair will not look healthy, too.  The hair protein that is found in our body is called keratin, which is the same protein that we have in our nails.  This protein called keratin consists of amino acids, which are responsible in making our hair beautiful, healthy and strong.


Keratin in our hair can be washed out with the different hair treatments that we used.  Hair treatments can include perming, curling, straightening, flat ironing, coloring, gels, mousse, spray net, hair wax, etc.  It can also be depleted by frequent shampooing and conditioning, combing, harsh towel drying and blow drying.  These treatments and the manner we comb and dry our hair destroys our hair follicles resulting to the weakening of every hair strand.  Since these things do not manifest largely at the start, we continue to use the same products and do the usual regimen to our hair until we finally see the harm it had done to our hair.  We see it getting brittle, dry, breaks easily and split ends develop.  When this occurs, it only means one thing — your hair has lost its keratin protein.


Your solution to this hair problem is to look for a product that has keratin.  Shampoos with keratin or other hair treatments with keratin can come to your rescue.  The presence of keratin in these products can help to recover the health of your hair.  It would be better if you can get products that have hydrolyzed keratin, as its molecular weight is small allowing the hydrolyzed keratin to penetrate into the shafts of your hair quickly.


Studies have been conducted on the affectivity of hydrolyzed keratin on the hair.  The results showed that hair treated with hydrolyzed keratin became stronger considerably.  This was achieved because the hydrolyzed keratin is the nearest amino acids that are found on our hair.  When they are applied to the hair, the keratin polypeptides infiltrate the hair and reinstate the lost protein.  This leads to lessening the incidence of breakage, split ends, removing frizz and repairing the hair.  It definitely would give you hair that is soft, smooth and manageable – even better than you used to before.